About Julia

Experience our uniqueness.

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Introducing ourselves

We are Julia

The number one full service director's agency that gives professional housing that personal touch. We excel at creating a unique work, brand or guest experience by building impressive, professional housing. Interior, exterior or turn key. (Re)building, relocating or making more sustainable. AND we have our own unique vision and approach in the area of designed to build. Cleverly conceived, strongly directed, perfectly created. That's our character.

Our vision

We believe that housing represents and connects. A distinctive concept and/or interior design is the key to this and makes all the difference. But how do you bring this to life in the best possible way in terms of realisation? Visually, organisationally, functionally and financially. This requires doing smart things and working from a different perspective. Thinking, guiding, building, supervising and experiencing. This is what our team of passionate housing directors is pioneering. From that one initial idea to the official opening.


We oversee the chain from a broad helicopter view, have a clear understanding of the end result and an eye for detail. Just like some of our professional colleagues. And yet we are different. We do not focus on our style, identity or appearance, but rather on the character, DNA or ambition of our client relationships.


And, of course, the different personalities involved. Employees, clients or guests. As independent directors we work on the best possible end result or the desired experience. We think in terms of opportunities or possibilities. We are clever connectors with a strong network of specialists and a surprisingly refreshing approach, and this pays off. We are Julia.


From business design to building design. From business case to business space. From building journey to guest journey. Building housing with the right character, functionality or appearance. This is major league. Hence; designed to build character. A field in which our team of passionate directors wishes to be (and remain) the go-to guys. We know the ins and outs of project management and are multilingual. We like to lead from the front and be in control. We speak the language of clients, suppliers, creative minds, skilled technicians, property owners and/or users. This makes us a valuable, independent link in the chain. This is how we do it. What about you?

Our role

Our clients regard us as a chameleon. Sometimes coach. Sometimes supporter. Sometimes player. But we always go for an impressive end result. We make life easier and provide an experience. On the other hand, we also ensure a balance between function, creativity, appearance and budget. Creative where possible. Tight on budget where it should be. This is our strength. People appreciate us for our personal attention, refreshing approach, smart solutions and excellent service. This is what we are great at as a compact team. This is our hallmark.

But what is Julia's real PLUS? It is on the inside. In our corporate DNA, in our people and is embedded in our approach. You have to experience it personally. Would you like to find out what we can do for your housing? We would like to invite you personally in one of our studios or initially via a digital introduction.


Do you have the character?